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She sits there drinking beer, slumped in my papasan chair, leg bouncing up and down hinged at the knee, while staring out the window in feigned boredom. Some muse I have. I’m stuck with this blank page and she’s more intent on a beer buzz.

Where’s the practiced wave of…

In my dream, I was walking the familiar wooded paths nearby on a crisp, bright, winter’s day. Yet, something was different.

Being the only one patiently walking these leave-covered trails winding through hardwood trees was nothing new. Not hearing any road noise from nearby highways, however, was new.

Soon I…

This phrase may seem like a blanket indictment of mistrust, or maybe just three simple words inferring we should solely depend on ourselves for knowledge or truth. Yet, this enigmatic, timely, in-your-face statement is neither of those.

Studio where I study, create, meditate
Work zone where I create, sketch, meditate, and stay mentally active.

No, I don’t have a job in an office away from home where I should be. And while I do have the shipping set up in the basement for my online stationery shop, I don’t mean that either.

The current stay-at-home mandate is not stopping me from going to work…

Photo by author

”Each time we write, we create a connection between the inner and external worlds we inhabit.” - Ralph Wahlstrom

For writers who think writing is all about connecting with readers, pause to reflect on the above quote from Wahlstrom’s The Tao of Writing. One might even stretch to say that…

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